Stockton – Billingham Boundary Marker. Mill Lane Wolviston

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Many thanks to Peter Edwards for submitting this photo and location of historic boundary marker visible on Mill Lane between Wolviston and Billingham.

It marks the boundary between Stockton Rural District (1894-1974) and Billingham Urban District (1923 – 1968) The first OS mapping to include this boundary is dated 1939.

1939 6” map showing the boundary. The marker is in the western hedge of Mill Lane
Overlayed onto modern aerial mapping.

Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm, Redcar

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This plough was erected around August 2020, having been sourced from a farm in Moorsholm.

Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm

The plough carries the inscription Ord and Maddison, R.H. Ridging No.4

Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm

Ord and Maddison were based in Darlington but also had interests in limestone quarries in Weardale, the company existed from the 1850s until the 1950s

Ings Farm stood not far from the position of the plough, near the shops on what is now Warwick Road / Castle Road. The low garden walls on this estate are said to be constructed with stone from the farm

FARM – Ings Farm, Stirling Road, Redcar. | | Past & Present

Victorian Postbox in Wilton

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This wall-box in Wilton village has been in use for at least 120 years as it carries a “VR” Royal Cypher

Wilton Post Box

VR – Queen Victoria (1853-1901)

ER VII – Edward VII (1901-1910)

GR – George V (1910-1936)

ER VIII – Edward VIII (20 January 1936 – 11 December 1936)

GR VI – George VI (1936-1952)

ER II – Elizabeth II 1952-present)

It was made by W.T. Allen & Co, who stated production in 1886, so it can only date from 1886-1901

Wilton Post Box

Kirkleatham and Redcar Traction Engine

No. 2350

This plate belonged to 10 ton single cylinder road roller built in 1888 which was dispatched new to Kirkleatham Urban District Council and later owned by Redcar Urban District Council.

This company advert from the same year of 1888 may give an idea of what it looked like.

1888 advert.

The only local photo I know which features a traction engine is this one from road laying at Lazenby, so there’s a very slim chance it could be the same engine.

At some point later in its life it was sent to Bomford & Evershed who were an agricultural machinery manufacturer and contractor based in Warwickshire, they formed in 1904 so it must be after than date, it was scrapped in the late 1930s

Many thanks to Stewart Ramsdale for highlighting this item when it recently surfaced at an auction house in Evesham, Worcestershire

The Redcar Sufferers – Seven Fisherman Lost – Wednesday 22nd December 1824

Much has been written over the years about deaths and rescue on the sea at Redcar, but this one from 1824 seems to have been forgotten perhaps, despite seven men being killed in one day and a major public appeal for their families. With the deaths being in 1824 before the completion of St Peters in Redcar, they were buried in St Germains at Marske rather than Redcar.

Those killed were George Robinson and his two sons Christopher and Thomas Robinson. Thomas Hall and his two sons George and Richard Hall. William Guy (but not the same one who was killed in a rescue on 25 December 1836, nearly 12 years to the day later)

Yorkshire Gazette – Saturday 01 January 1825
Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser – Tuesday 04 January 1825.
Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser – Tuesday 04 January 1825.
George ROBINSON and his 2 sons Christopher and Thomas
George ROBINSON and his 2 sons Christopher and Thomas died 22 Dec 1824 aged 57, 24, and 17, his wife Ruth died 10 Jan 1840 aged 73, their daughter Ruth aged 3.
Burial records from 1824, three of the men listed as drowned out of fishing cobles.
Donations by mid February

£1000 in 1824 is roughly the equivalent of £100,000 today so the public appeal had a high profile with donations from various Earls and Knights

Goodbye United Ghostsign

When I saw scaffolding going up on this building I feared the sign, which apparently dated from the opening of the bus station in 1938, might be about to be lost.

United Ghostsign
Travel by Road to York, Doncaster or London by United. Luxury coach services by day or night.

As of today it seems to have been painted over. If I was the developer I would have painted it back on brand new as a feature !

United Ghostsign, Redcar (gone)